“Hospitality” is our key principle when it comes to serving our patients by paying our great respects to their dignity and privacy.

1Comprehensive checkup followed by our experts’ advice, backed up by our specialty doctors
Our experienced preventive medicine specialists will provide their expert advice on your health and how to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the primary problems of long term illnesses. If the result of your health checkup would raise any concerns and our experts think further detailed health examination will be necessary, then all concerned clinics will work together to find the best way to tackle your problems.
2Equipped with the highest standard medical devices to carry out the most accurate checkups
We are equipped with the most advanced medical devices, which enable us to carry out the accurate health checkups. For example, our MRI is a 3.0 tesla type, which is the most advanced imaging device available in Japan at this present time, capable of taking images of cross sections from every angles of body. We also offer an examination for lung using 64-row multi-slice CT scanner and a general checkup using PET-CT scanner.
※We mainly use a 1.5-tesla MRI for general medical checkups.
3One entire floor of our hospital building is exclusively reserved for comprehensive medical checkups’ use to create the relaxed ambience for our guests
The entire 6th floor of our hospital is reserved exclusively for our comprehensive checkup guests. It is completely isolated from our general clinical departments, welcoming you with a great panoramic view of the Hakata bay. You will be taking various examinations on this floor, feeling relaxed and exclusive with our personalized service. You will be offered the special meal in our renowned restaurant on 5th floor, as well as the access to our members only swimming pool, fitness gym and sauna as your privileges of taking up our comprehensive checkups. If you have enrolled overnight or 2 nights course, then you will certainly enjoy your stay in one of our hotel-style bedrooms.
※Some examinations may be performed on the different floors.

Accurate and precise examinations enabled by our state-of-the-art medical devices

In Fukuoka Sanno Hospital, the cutting-edge advanced medical diagnostic imaging devices, as well as the general medical equipment, have been installed to provide you the best medical care.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3.0-tesla MRI produces the largest magnetic force and it is currently the best one available in Japan. It can provide the images of fine blood vessels less than 1 mm, which enables more accurate diagnosis of aneurysm.
※In our hospital, 3.0-tesla and 1.5-tesla MRIs have been installed and we mainly use the 1.5-tesla MRI for general health checkups.
PET-CT Scanner
PET-CT Scanner
PET-CT Scanner
PET-CT scan combines a CT scan and a PET scan into one to give more accurate sizes and shapes of tumors. This device is very effective for the detection of cancer.
※PET-CT scanner is located on the basement floor.
64-row multi-slice CT
64-row multi-slice CT
64-row multi-slice CT
64-row multi-slice CT can take numerous thin-sliced images (0.5mm-thick) for a very short period of time. This enables the doctors to diagnose the diseases using 3D images.
※In our hospital, two 64-row multi-slice CTs have been installed.
mammography screening image certified
Mammography is a diagnostic imaging device, which is effective for the detection of breast cancer. It is specifically for examination of breasts, which consist of soft tissues. In our hospital, all of our radiographers of mammography are female, so that the female guests can feel relaxed during the examination. 
We can perform an endoscopy using sedation for people who wish to ease the pain. For colonoscopy, we also use gas (carbon dioxide), which makes you feel less bloated during the examination.

Facilities and amenities



All patients’ rooms are quiet and private, where your privacy is well respected. You will have a view of Fukuoka’s rich nature, Hakata bay on the seaside and Sefuri Mountain range on the mountain-side. The internet connection with your own PC (wired connection) is available in all rooms. Please spend the comfortable time in the quiet environment.



You can enjoy healthy and nutritious dishes at our restaurant “Aube”, which provides a great view of Hakata bay. The restaurant also has a private room of maximum 20 people capacity. Aube is a perfect place to enjoy the foods with your family and friends.

  • Restaurant Aube
  • We offer a choice of Japanese-style or western style meal for your lunch.
  • Western-style
  • Japanese-style

Offering accurate examinations yet achieving comfortable atmosphere on the dedicated floor

Our 6th floor is called Preventive Medicine Center and exclusively used to serve our comprehensive medical checkup guests. All of our examination rooms are located on this floor so that you do not need to move around the floors to have various examinations. We also have women only area with added privacy and comfort.
※Some examinations may be performed on different floors.

  • AReception
  • BLung test
  • CUltrasound
  • DMRI
  • ECT
  • FWomen only area
  • GConsultation with expert doctor

Comprehensive Medical Checkups Course Details and Options

  • Standard Course

    This course consists of 40 different diagnostic tests including blood tests, chest X-ray, fluoroscopy of the stomach and more. This course requires a half day.  Optional tests can be added to provide more detailed health information.

  • Premium Course

    Chest CT, abdomen CT, prostate exam, tumor marker (CEA, CA19-9) and bone density test are added to the standard course.

  • PET-CT Standard Course

    PET-CT is added to the standard course. Please note that in some cases the problems with brain, stomach and large intestine might not be detected by PET-CT scan.

  • PET-CT Premium Course

    Head MRI and MRA, bladder and prostate ultrasonography and gynecology exams are added to PET-CT standard course.

Flow of receiving the health checkup

Please refer to the flow of receiving the health checkup as below.

  • From reservation to the day of your health checkup

    mainly at your home

    • Reservation
    • Receiving the documents
    • Collecting your phlegm and stool sample
    • Filling out the medical questionnaire

    A medical questionnaire in preparation of your health checkup will be sent to you in advance with the sampling kits. After collecting your samples and filling out the questionnaire, please bring them to the hospital on the checkup day.
    The questionnaire is very important for us to find out about your medical record, subjective symptom and current daily habit. Please provide the detailed answers as much as possible.

  • On the day of your health checkup

    Center for Preventive Medicine

    • Reception
    • Medical interview and collecting blood sample
    • Examination
    • Consultation and health counseling
    • Lunch

    Please collect your urine sample on the morning of the checkup day at home.
    Your examinations will be carried out according to your checkup menu of the day.
    For any tests that the results are available on the same day, our doctor will explain your result at the end of the checkup day. Also our health nurse will give you some health and lifestyle advice based on both the result of your examination and medical questionnaire.
    ※The flow of your health checkup day may vary depending on examination items or situation on the day.

  • After your health checkup
    • Result report of your checkup

    The comprehensive results report of your checkup will be sent to you in several days. If the results show that you need more detailed examination or medical treatment, we will send you a referral letter for the outpatient clinics along with the result report. We also offer you the detailed examinations in our outpatient departments. Please call the Preventive Medicine Center for more details.

Options - Comprehensive Medical Checkups

Options Names of tests

Head MRI & MRA(1.5-tesla) / Carotid artery Echo / Test Report from Brain ・Neurology Center
Coronary artery MRI / Heart Echo / Carotid artery Echo / B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) / Arteriosclerosis degree (Pulse Wave: Sphygmogram)
Chest CT/ Sputum Cytology / Tumor Marker (CYFRA), Tumor Marker (ProGRP) / Tumor Marker (CEA)
Women(B) + (C)
Speculum Exam/ PAP Smear Test / Transvaginal Ultrasound/ Human Papillomavirus (HPV)/ Mammography / Mammary gland Echo
Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Center for Preventive Medicine/Medical checkup

TEL:+8192-407-1133(EN. CH. OK)

Reception hours
  • Contact us
    TEL:+8192-407-1133(EN. CH. OK)
    ● 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Weekdays
    ● Non-consultation Days : Sun & Public Holidays
  • Operation
    Monday - Saturday
    Clinical care hours
    9:00 am to 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Reception hours
    8:00 am to 12:30 pm / 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    ※Clinic hours may vary depending on clinical departments.

Emergency Night Visit

Availabilities for each department vary depending on the days of the week. Please check our schedule before your visit.
There are no interpreters available for Chinese and English during these hours. Please bring someone who speaks Japanese with you.

【Phone number: +8192-832-1100】

(17:30 - 08:30)